100% Hoopers --Indiana Association Gold
The 2004 AAU 8U/2nd Grade Inaugural National Championship
Indiana's 100% Hoopers finish 2nd in the AAU's
Inaugural 2nd Grade National Championship!

100% Hoopers are the only team with 8 wins after the championship game and pool play!


Top 5 Final Rankings:
1.  Western Pennsylvania Team C.R.O.N.S. (7-0)
2.  100% Hoopers (8-1)
3.  Central KY Warriors (6-1)
4.  North Carolina United Stars (5-2)
5.  Indiana's Municipal Gardens (6-2)!
100% Hoopers Ranked Opponents:
1.  Western Pennsylvania Team C.R.O.N.S. (7-0)
4.  North Carolina United Stars (5-2) (lost to hoopers in semifinal game)
9.  Maryland Baltimore Stars (6-3) (made it to the elite 8)
10. North Carolina Gaters (4-4) (2-2 in Pool E with 100% Hoopers)
11. Maryland Bentalou Bombers (5-2) (made it to the elite 8)
100% Hoopers:
Marcus Avery Jr.
Colin Barthel
Kaleb Ferrell
Michael Hackney
Pierce Hardacker
Devin Heath
Bryce Moore
Justin Sheplock
Jashua Thompson
LaSalle Thompson
Kevin Ferrell
Kenton Granger

100% Hoopers were the #1 seed from Pool E entering tournament play

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Monday June 28th
Opening Ceremony
Pool Play Game 1 -- Hoopers vs. North Carolina Gators (NC Assc. Silver) Win (37-31)
Tuesday June 29th
Pool Play Game 2 -- Hoopers vs. Maryland Lakers (Potomac Valley Assoc. Bronze) Win (31-16)
Memphis Outdoor Practice
Pool Play Game 3 -- Hoopers vs Maryland Balitmore Stars (Maryland Assoc. Silver) Win (31-27)
Wedsnesday June 30th
Playstation the night before, Spiderman 2 and lunch at Bolla Pasta
Pool Play Game 4 -- Hoopers vs. All-Ohio Red (Ohio Assoc.) Win (29-28-OT)
Postgame R&R
Thursday July 1st --- Tournament Play -- 1st and 2nd Round Games
1st Round -- Hoopers vs. Potomac Valley P.G. Jammers (Potomac Valley Assoc. Bronze) Win (33-27)
Pregame Practice at the Central Church Gym
2nd Round Game -- Hoopers vs. Potomac Valley - Metro Sixers (Potomac Valley Assoc. Gold) Win (32-28)
Friday July 2nd--- Tournament Play -- Quarter Final Game
Pregame Practice at the Central Church Gym
Quarter Final Game -- Hoopers vs. Maryland Bentalou Bombers (Maryland Assoc. Gold) Win (30-26)
Post Game
Saturday July 3rd--- Tournament Play -- Semi Final Game
Golf & Games
Semi-Final Game -- Hoopers vs. North Carolina United Stars (NC Gold) Win (35-29)
Sunday July 4th--- Tournament Play -- THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME
The Championship Game -- Hoopers vs Western Pennsylvania Team C.R.O.N.S -- Hoopers finish 2nd in the First Ever 2nd grade Nationals!
Post Game Pictures