Indy ICE Win the
2007 Midwest Classic Tournament
June 9 - 10, 2007
the Gym, Springfield, IL
Indy Ice Game Photos:
(if you need a higher resolution image email me game and photo #) 
-- Pardon the images I had trouble with lighting and getting the exposure right but there should still be a few good ones of each of the boys --

Indy Ice vs. Team St. Louis - June 9, 2007 (W:35-45)
Indy Ice vs. St. Louis Majestics - June 9, 2007 (L:39-36)
Indy Ice vs. Kansas City Supersonics - June 9, 2007 (W:21-43)
Indy Ice vs. Team St. Louis - June 10, 2007 (W:35-51)
Indy Ice vs. Springfield Predators - June 10, 2007 (W:31-44)
Indy Ice vs. St. Louis Majestics - June 10, 2007 (W:45-51) - The Championship Game

(from KY Warrior National Prep tournament brouchure)
Although, the core group of kids on this team has been playing together for
the past 3 years, 2006 - 2007 marks their first year together as a AAU
team. Each one of these players has enjoyed success on the national
level. Over the past three seasons, Ice players have participated on teams
that have finished as high as 2nd in National AAU Tournament. They are
led by one the best pure shooters in the nation for this age division, Lasalle
"PJ" Thompson IV. Additionally, the team is anchored by one of the most
versatile big men in the nation, Kendall Rollins. In no way is that to
diminish the skills of the remaining 10 players, as all of these kids are
expertly trained and skilled as individual basketball players. 12 STRONG
!!! THAT'S THE ICE MOTTO. When putting this team togetherthe coaches
wanted to change the personality of the player's former AAU teams to one
that places a greater emphasis on the defensive end of the court. So far
it has paid dividends for the team as they qualified for nationals by finishing
as runner-up in the 2007 IN state championship, thereby earning the 8"
overall seed in Cocoa Beach. ICE DDD! You will enjoy the "24 minutes of
Hell" imposed on opposing teams by this band of Hoosiers!
#0 - Jordan Garnett
#2 - Stanford Jackson
#3 - Devon Hawkins
#5 - Bryce Moore
#7 - Kaleb Ferrell
#9 - Joshua Price
#11 - LaSalle Thompson
#13 - Rasheed Williams
#22 - Justin Sheplock
#23 - Kendall Rollins
#24 - Daeshon Francis
#33 - Bryan Brooks